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Hillary Clinton secures historic Democratic nomination for US president

Hillary Clinton has secured the Democratic Party's nomination to become the first woman to be put forward for president by a major US political party.

In a symbolic show of party unity, Mrs Clinton's former Democratic rival US Senator Bernie Sanders asked that the convention suspend the rules to nominate Hillary Clinton by acclamation.

Earlier, delegates from South Dakota had given Mrs Clinton 15 votes, ensuring that she had more than the 2,383 votes needed to win the nomination during a state-by-state roll call at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

After an intense battle with Mr Sanders, Mrs Clinton is now the party's standard-bearer against Republican nominee Donald Trump in the November 8 election.

Delegates chanted "Hillary, Hillary" as US Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland formally put forward Mrs Clinton's name for the alphabetical roll-call vote.

"Yes, we do break barriers - I broke a barrier when I became the first Democratic woman elected to the Senate in her own right," Ms Mikulski said.

"So it is with a full heart that I'm here today to nominate Hillary Clinton to be the first woman president."

Wisconsin delegate Thelma Sias told ITV News: "This is significant. I stand with a lot of tears in my soul remembering women that worked so hard to give access to opportunity."

Although Mr Sanders endorsed the former Secretary of State and First Lady, some of his supporters protested against the party leadership's apparent support of Mrs Clinton during the bitter Democratic primary fight.

Mrs Clinton's supporters say her Washington credentials show she has the experience needed to be president during a turbulent time for US domestic and foreign policy issues.

However, critics view her as an establishment figure freighted with political baggage dating back to the start of her husband former president Bill Clinton's first White House term in the 1990s.

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