Hillary Clinton celebrates breaking the glass ceiling

History was made in Philadelphia overnight. And it reduced many delegates to tears of joy and pride.

Others hugged and declared that every little girl in America - black or white, Asian or Latino, Native or immigrant - could now dream of becoming president. One of the fastest selling t-shirts in the arena reads: "A woman's place is in the White House."

Nearly a century after women won the right to vote in America, only now has a major party officially nominated a woman as a presidential candidate.

In the emotional cauldron that is the Democratic Party convention, there were also delegates weeping with frustration and shouting with anger.

Bernie Sanders' supporters - young, passionate, remarkably invested in his campaign - are left to wonder what might have been.

The key moment came when Sanders pledged his loyalty to Hillary.

It echoed the time eight years ago when Mrs Clinton backed Barack Obama from the convention floor, bringing their bitter rivalry to an end.

It was left to Bill Clinton to explain why Americans should vote for his wife.

He did his very best to challenge the perception that his wife represents the establishment and the status quo. "She is still the best darn changemaker I've ever met," he declared.

Bill Clinton's speech was rambling at first, before getting sharper. He spoke of how Hillary has always campaigned for social justice. He implored Americans to give her the chance to be president.

Hillary appeared by video link, with the imagery of a glass ceiling shattering.

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Now both parties have their nominees. It is Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump. The 100 day sprint to Election Day is underway. Fasten your seat belts.

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