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Theresa May: We will deliver controls on freedom of movement

The government "will deliver" on the wishes of the British people to see controls on freedom of movement after the Brexit vote, Theresa May has said.

Mrs May told ITV News' Europe Editor James Mates she is approaching negotiations with EU leaders with an "open mind".

The prime minister, speaking at a news conference with her Italian counterpart Matteo Renzi, revealed that she had already begun preparations for Britain's "orderly departure" from the European Union.

She said she wanted to develop a post-Brexit model "that suits the United Kingdom and the European Union".

We had a very clear message from the British people in the Brexit vote that they want us to bring in some control on free movement, they don't want free movement rules for movement of people from the European Union member states into the UK to operate as they have done in the past. And we will deliver on that.

For Italian and other EU citizens living in the UK I want to be able to guarantee their rights in the UK. I expect to be able to do that, I intend to be able to do that.

The only circumstances in which that would not be possible would be if the rights of British citizens living in other EU member states were not guaranteed. But I hope that this is an issue that we can address early on.

– Theresa May

Mr Renzi said Britain could count on Italy's collaboration to make its exit from the EU work but called for a clear timeline to be set out.