US women speak to ITV News about Hillary Clinton's historic presidential nomination

As Hillary Clinton is nominated as the first female presidential candidate in US history, ITV News asked five women from the Wisconsin delegation whether they thought it was a moment of history.

  • Nancy Kaplan, 67

When I was a young woman starting out in life I encountered a great deal of discrimination in life. When I first tried to rent an apartment I needed a husband or father's signature for instance....we have come a long way. This is simply a huge moment for me. Hillary and I have lived through very similar experiences - obviously hers were on a much bigger stage. We are 52% of the population and hold only 20% of governing offices. It's a huge milestone. It's a personal moment for me and it's very moving.

Nancy Kaplan
  • Christine Bremer-Muggli, 63

Christine Bremer-Muggli. Credit: ITV News

I never thought this would happen. As a woman you can imagine how I feel, it's so historic. We're all standing on Hillary Clinton's shoulders. I have two daughters who are Millennials. They support Hillary so strongly, they appreciate her and are so supportive. I think this sends a message to the world. We've been suffering under the image of Trump and it shows our country is unified behind someone who's bringing us altogether.

Christine Bremer-Muggli
  • Thelma Sias, 60

Thelma Sias. Credit: ITV News

For me, this night is extremely historic. In 2008 and 2012, I was a pledged delegate for Barack Obama aiming to become the first African-American president, and tonight I stand to pledge the name of Hillary Rodham Clinton to become president. For a young girl coming from Mississippi being raised by my parents who worked so hard against discrimination, this is unreal. I know my mother is cheering in heaven for us turning one more page in history.

Thelma Sias
  • Luz Sosa, 30

Luz Sosa. Credit: ITV News

It doesn't really apply to me as I'm originally from Argentina and we've had three female presidents already. I understand that women in the US are excited but I care about the issues. I'm a teacher, I care about education. Friends in Argentina wonder why it's taken so long for a woman in the US to have the chance and opportunity to become president. I understand their excitement, and I applaud it if they feel it makes a difference to them. Millennials tend to think issues matter more than gender.

Luz Sosa
  • LaKeshia Myers, 32

LaKeshia Myers. Credit: ITV News

I think people around be world will look at the US and think we're finally getting it right. We're still a young country. We're embracing the fact that there have been women in leadership for a long time around the world and it's about time we do the same with our head of state. I think it send a message to our children that anything is possible. Electing President Obama did that for people of colour. To be here tonight as a black woman it feels like everything in my life can be validated when we nominate Hillary as president. It proves I do matter.

LaKeshia Myers.