Woman dumped in phone box as baby hoping to find man who rescued her

A woman who was abandoned in a telephone box when she was just two hours old is searching for the stranger who rescued her.

Kiran Sheikh was dumped by her mother in the middle of the night on April 30, 1994.

The now 22-year-old was discovered by a man wanting to use the phone box in Newham, east London.

He then called police and ensured she was taken to hospital, where she was given the name 'April' after the month in which she was born.

Officers eventually tracked her mother down two years later, when she was giving birth to her eighth child, but by that time she had been adopted by a Pakistani family who called her Kiran.

Now she is desperate to find the man who discovered her so she can thank him.

Kiran pictured as a baby in 1994. Credit: SWNS

The man, called John or Joe Campbell and of Nigerian descent, initially kept in touch by sending gifts, letters and birthday cards, but cut off contact when social services told him to.

Ms Sheikh, who lives in London, said: "What he did was so sweet. If I saw him I would just thank him.

"I would also try and find out what exactly happened that night. I am just so grateful."

Her mother, who she has never met, was in a violent relationship and gave birth to Ms Sheikh, her sixth child, on her bathroom floor.

She then wrapped her in blankets and ran to the phone box, where she called the Samaritans and begged them to come and get the baby before she was discovered by the mystery man.

A card sent on behalf of the man who found her. Credit: SWNS

Ms Sheikh has since been in touch with her other siblings but only maintained contact with one, Zoe, who was also put up for adoption and now lives in Florida, US.

She said: "I realised I was adopted when I was about eight, because I began noticing that I didn't look or seem like my parents.

"It has been difficult but now I am really focused on finding the man who rescued me from the phone box so I cay thank you.

"The main purpose is to get to him. And if I'm lucky, my mum way want to contact me too."