Hinkley C: EDF shock after government says it needs more time to decide on new nuclear power station

Almost immediately after EDF announced it was ready to proceed with Hinkley C, the government announced it wasn't and intends to review the terms of the agreement.

EDF was not expecting this.

The chief executive, Vincent de Rivaz, was due in Somerset on Friday morning, so was the business secretary, ostensibly to put pen to paper.

What going on?

Well it's tempting see this as cold feet, an attempt by a new prime minister to renegotiate a deal struck by her predecessor and widely criticised as a very expensive way of building a new nuclear power station.

Government sources insist it's not - that there's a need for thoroughness and this is likely to proceed in the autumn.

On the face of it, there's little room for manoeuvre - this deal divided the EDF board.

If the project becomes less attractive, it's likely to unravel.