Real Stories: Doggy makeovers help with rehoming

Tonight, Michael Underwood meets two dogs who nearly didn’t survive past their second year after being abandoned Credit: Real Stories/ITV

Tonight on Real Stories, we visit the animal shelter that’s giving its dogs makeovers to attract new owners.

We also meet two young dogs who nearly didn’t survive past their second year. Both Honey the cocker spaniel, and Zena the lurcher were abandoned with life-threatening conditions.

Honey, a puppy, swallowed a sock which became lodged in her stomach and intestines leaving her unable to eat, while Zena had a severe break in her back leg - possibly thought to be caused as a result of falling from a car. It was touch-and-go whether both would survive.

Fortunately, staff at Wood Green Animal Shelter, Cambridgeshire, were able to operate and save both dogs - although for Zena the lurcher the only option was to amputate her leg.

Credit: Real Stories/ITV

Nevertheless despite their early ordeals, things are now looking up for these beautiful pooches. Sadly however, their stories are all too common - as reporter Michael Underwood found out.

Wood Green are giving its dogs makeovers to attract new owners Credit: Real Stories/ITV

Below you can watch a teaser of what is to come in tonight’s episode:

Tune in to Real Stories with Ranvir Singh tonight at 7:30pm on ITV as we see what difference a doggy makeover can make for an abandoned pooch. Let us know your thoughts using #RealStories on social media.

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