Real Stories: The man with 20 jobs

Tonight on Real Stories, we meet the man keeping the island of North Ronaldsay afloat with his twenty jobs Credit: Real Stories/ITV

Could you imagine having 20 jobs at the age of 67? Tonight we meet the man who is doing more than most on the island of North Ronaldsay in the Orkneys.

Billy Muir has lived on the island all his life. It has a tiny population of just over 50 residents - each of whom make a vital contribution to keep their tranquil home ticking over.

What makes this pensioner so remarkable is that when most people of his age are starting to wind down Billy is one of the hardest working men in Britain.

Some of Billy’s jobs include being a lighthouse keeper, airport baggage handler, fireman, electrician, builder, rubbish collector and he even has his own flock of sheep.

Below you can watch a teaser of what is to come in tonight’s episode:

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