Birthday nan bursts into tears after getting surprise 'car radio' messages from her family

A grandmother burst into tears after her grandson played her a series of surprise birthday messages from her family.

David Goodings pretended to turn on the radio to his unsuspecting grandmother Iris Howard as they got into the car.

In the video uploaded to Youtube, Mr Goodings said he thought he'd do something "a little bit different", as he played out the birthday wishes.

A 'radio DJ' is heard "interrupting the broadcast" to "bring some breaking news", before wishing the 86-year-old a happy birthday.

"Breaking news just in," he said. "Iris Howard is celebrating her birthday. Commonly known for winning the best Nan competition 10 years in a row, the 86-year-old is often described as an incredible person and loved by all her friends and family."

Messages of goodwill from her grandchildren are then heard in the video as Iris wipes away tears of delight at the gesture, saying she "can't help" getting emotional.

Iris wipes away the tears as the birthday messages are played out. Credit: Youtube / David Goodings

The recording comes to an end at which point Mr Goodings said he was "gutted" that he was unable to get a birthday message from Iris' brother who lives in Australia.

But David had one last surprise up his sleeve, as he "tried another radio station" and played out a recording from her brother, who regaled a story about Iris taking him to the river to see the ducks when they were younger.

David leans over to watch his Nan's reaction as the 'DJ' wishes her Happy Birthday. Credit: Youtube / David Goodings