Gladstone named Treasury's chief mouser amid cat spat


Meet the latest member of the Treasury: Gladstone the black cat.

Joining the ranks of Downing Street's Larry and the Foreign Office's Palmerston, Gladstone is another former stray adopted by the Government departments from Battersea Cats and Dogs Home.

The "chief mouser to the Treasury" has already been awarded his own Instagram account, administered by him and his "press team".

Gladstone is described as "the most popular colleague" in the department and is becoming a top cuddle buddy for the members of the office.

Relations with his fellow felines in Whitehall may prove less smooth, though, based on his reported first impressions.

The 18-month old domestic short hair didn't waste a day before involving himself in an ongoing cat spat between him and the other political pets on his Instagram account.

According to unnamed Government sources, Larry is currently being treating for a limp in his right paw and Palmerston is a top suspect in the case.

Gladstone has already been named as the Treasury's favourite department member. Credit: PA

Journalists have also been keen to stoke up turf war between the cats, pitting them in a battle for public popularity.

Cat competitiveness aside, the new addition has good reason to enjoy his prestigious home as he answers to the name of the former prime minister and chancellor William Ewart Gladstone.

Originally called Timmy, Battersea Cats and Dogs home took in the kitty after he was found homeless and hungry without a microchip in central London.

The home called him "quite greedy" and warned the importance of feeding him in moderation.