Lords could delay Brexit decision, says Tory peer

The House of Lords could halt or delay an attempt to activate Article 50 and enact Brexit, a Tory peer has said.

Baroness Wheatcroft said she felt it was "imperative" to not activate Article 50.

Speaking to The Times, she said she hoped that delays in the Lords of any potential Brexit legislation would result in a second referendum.

A legal challenge as to whether the government can trigger Article 50 without the authorisation of Parliament will be heard in the autumn.

Baroness Wheatcroft said she did not want Lords to stand in the way of Brexit currently, but said "if it comes to a Bill, I think the Lords might actually delay things. I think there's a majority in the Lords for remaining."

When she was asked whether she would support peers delaying Brexit legislation, she said: "Yes I would.

"And I would hope, while we delayed things, that there would be sufficient movement in the EU to justify putting it to the electorate, either through a general election or a second referendum."