Jessica Ennis-Hill came close to quitting athletics after the birth of her son

London 2012 golden girl, Jessica Ennis-Hill said that getting back to training for the heptathlon after the birth of her son Reggie was so hard she nearly gave everything up.

"I felt completely different as a new mum, and trying to get back into training was difficult, I found it really hard," she told ITV News sports editor, Steve Scott.

"I did feel, 'what am I doing? I've had an amazing career so far, why do I need to push it and go on?'" she said.

ITV News sports editor, Steve Scott, talks to Jessica Ennis-Hill

As mum to two-year-old Reggie, Ennis-Hill has had to adapt her training, but believes that her less intense approach has actually helped her.

She said: "We've had to adapt and change the way we train. I can't train as much now because I want to spend as much time with my son as I can, but also because I am an older athlete now and my body can't take the volume of training as I used (to do) in my early twenties.

"I think if I hadn't had stepped away from the sport through injury and through having my son, I perhaps would have carried on training the way I did forgetting I was getting older."

Ennis-Hill won the gold medal in the heptathlon at the London Olympics in 2012 and says she would "love to" defend her title at Rio this year.

"It would be an incredible feeling, but it's such a huge challenge and I know that the odds are probably slightly stacked against me.

"But saying that, if I go there and perform the best I can and if I win a medal then I'll be absolutely over the moon with that performance," she said.

Asked if another heptathlon in another Olympics would be a stretch too far, Ennis-Hill replied: "Definitely".

"I definitely won't be doing another Olympics beyond Rio."