Jeremy Corbyn outlines Labour pledges to 'rebuild Britain'

Jeremy Corbyn outlined his ten priorities during a speech in east London.
  • Video report by ITV News Political Correspondent Libby Wiener

Jeremy Corbyn has outlined 10 pledges to help "rebuild" Britain if he remains leader of the Labour Party.

As he prepares to go head-to-head with rival Owen Smith in the Labour leadership campaign's first live debate, Mr Corbyn claimed that everyone can have "richer lives".

Corbyn's 10 leadership pledges

  • Full employment and an economy that works for all: creating 1 million "good quality" jobs. Investing £500 million in infrastructure, manufacturing and new industries

  • A secure homes guarantee: building 1 million new homes in five years,

  • Security at work: Stronger employment rights, an end to exploitative zero-hours contracts, new employment and trade union rights.

  • Secure our NHS and social care: ending health service privatisation.

  • Establishing a new National Education Service: restoration of free education for all

  • Action to secure our environment: meeting climate change goals, curbing energy bill rises for households.

  • Put the public back into our economy and services: rebuilding public services, bringing railways into public ownership

  • Cut income and wealth inequality: introducing a progressive tax system "so that wealth and the highest earners are fairly taxed".

  • Action to secure an equal society: defending human rights and guaranteeing full rights for EU citizens in Britain.

  • Peace and justice at the heart of foreign policy: putting conflict resolution and human rights at the heart of foreign policy

In a speech in Dagenham, east London, Mr Corbyn said: "We could all be living richer lives in a sustainable, more prosperous and more caring society."

He began by outlining his first principle that "prosperity that few enjoy is not shared by the many".

"Our economic model in Britain is broken but there are immense potentials and skills in the talents of our people and huge opportunities ahead of us in science, technology and culture," he added.

  • Labour will invest £500bn to 'rebuild and transform Britain'

Mr Corbyn promised to invest £500 billion in infrastructure, manufacturing and industry.

He stated that the "neglect of our country must end," adding that "we need a Labour government that will rebuild and transforms Britain".

Asked how he would fund his pledges including £500 billion of investment, Mr Corbyn said: "We pay for it through an expanding economy and driving down tax evasion.

"The whole point behind our economic plan is one of investment - investment in order to improve the infrastructure.

"That in turn creates jobs which creates greater economic expansion and brings about a greater level of tax income for the Exchequer," he added.

Jeremy Corbyn arrives for a visit to London East Business and Technical Park in Dagenham, Credit: PA
  • Housing shortages, employment, and ending NHS privatisation

Mr Corbyn also called for more to be done to tackle housing shortages, increased employment rights and an NHS free of any private sector involvement.

He also pledged that his party will deliver the transport and communications infrastructure a modern economy needs

"Not just in those places where the economy already works but right across the whole country," he added.

"We will back this up with new institutions able to deliver the investment our communities so desperately need.

"A new £250 billion national investment bank, backed up with a network of regional development banks, will put power to determine their own futures back into the hands of those places outside of Westminster and the City of London."

Owen Smith will debate with Mr Corbyn in Cardiff later today. Credit: PA

Mr Corbyn will travel to Cardiff to debate with Mr Smith, who laid out a radical programme of reform on Wednesday, which he said would amount to the "biggest boost to living standards for a generation".