Couple are the first in Britain to have their dead dog cloned

We meet the canine mad couple who travelled 10,000 miles to South Korea to have their dead dog cloned Credit: Real Stories/ITV

Laura and Richard have travelled across the world and made scientific history by becoming the first couple in Britain to have their dead dog cloned to create puppies.

The dog mad couple already have four canines at their Yorkshire home; Chloe, Max, Dinky and Harvey but things are about to get a whole lot busier.

At the age of eight, Laura’s much loved boxer, Dylan passed away after being diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour.

That was it...the decision was made. The couple had decided to try to clone Dylan at the world’s only dog cloning facility, 10,000 miles away in South Korea.

The canine mad couple were in for a surprise when they found out both surrogate dogs used in the cloning process were pregnant. They would now have two cloned puppies.

Tonight, the £65k cloned puppies return to the UK for the first time Credit: Real Stories/ITV

Watch the moment Laura meets the first cloned pup of Dylan in our exclusive video teaser below:

Laura and Richard’s madcap adventure has cost close to £100,000. But to them, the puppies are worth every single penny.

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