Real Stories: Student artist pays off parents' mortgage

Credit: Real Stories/ITV

Tonight on Real Stories, Michael Underwood meets the aspiring artist who has repaid the support his parents have always shown him with the ultimate gift.

Whilst studying Graphic Design at Stoke-on-Trent, Andy was combining his studies with a secret life as a street artist known as Professor Pigment. His artwork around the city had got everyone talking.

Andy’s artwork caught the eye of the local council who asked him to work with them to create an artwork trail and an exhibition.

With the extra cash he made from selling some of his work he was able to do something he’d always wanted to do.

Andy told his parents that he had paid off their mortgage on his graduation day. Credit: Real Stories/ITV

On his graduation day last month, Andy’s parents were left speechless after he gave them a letter with some amazing news - that he had paid off their mortgage.

Below you can watch a teaser of what is to come in tonight’s episode:

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