Summer Diets - Fact or Fiction?: Tonight

Summer Diets: Fact or Fiction? is on ITV at 8.30pm Credit: ITV / Tonight

Cabbage soup, juicing, baby food… This time of year there seems no end to the amount of faddy diets we can use to help us squeeze into our swimwear. Tonight Coronation Street’s Cath Tyldesley investigates when summer diets get drastic, why some dieters keep piling on the weight, and how eating smart can save pounds and cut the kilos.

When Cath Tyldesley was 18, she weighed 14½ stone and bikini season was a self confessed nightmare. Back then, there was not a quick fix diet she didn’t try, and like many other people trapped in the diet cycle, Cath’s weight constantly yo-yoed.

To find out if quick fix diets work and the effects they have on the body, we follow 31 year old advertising consultant Grant Bickell for a week, as he embarks on a self imposed meal replacement shake diet.

Over the last couple of years I’ve fluctuated between 13 stone and 15 stone. At the moment I’m sitting back on the 15 stone, which I really hate... Image is number one and that’s all I worry about at the moment... that’s why I’ve really turned to these mad crash diets.”

Grant Bickell
Grant Credit: ITV / Tonight

To see if i can lose over a stone... in the next week I’ll be taking three shakes a day - 150 cals per shake… I won’t be having any solid food at all.”

Grant Bickell

In order to see what impact the crash diet may have on Grant’s body, he undergoes a series of medical tests performed by Dr. Tom Barber, a specialist in the human metabolism.

With the NHS recommending an average daily intake of 2,500 calories a day for men and 2000 calories a day for women, Dr. Barber examines the effect a week of Grants low calorie diet has on his metabolism and energy levels.

Cath Tyldesley and Dale Pinnock Credit: ITV / Tonight

Cath meets Nutritionist and Chef Dale Pinnock, who busts some of the dieting myths that surround the food we buy.

Dale advocates that some products labelled as ‘low fat’ are often worse, because of their additives and ingredients, particularly sugar.

We’ve got a selection here of different yoghurts that are basically pitched as being healthy options. The amount of sugar in these might surprise you.”

Dale Pinnock

With the help of Dale, we analyse what you can get for two £20 shopping baskets, one with natural foods and one with diet products - and the results are surprising.

It’s extremely difficult to overeat on a wholefoods diet, because it’s so nutrient dense, it’s incredibly filling, so you will naturally start to lose weight anyway.”

Dale Pinnock

Summer Diets: Fact or Fiction will be on ITV tonight at 8.30pm and on The ITV Hub shortly afterwards.