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Italian coastguard saves drowning kitten by giving him kiss of life

Warning: Some viewers may find this footage upsetting.

They say cats have nine lives, and this tiny kitten has already used up one of his.

These are the moments members of the Italian coastguard save a drowning cat by giving him the kiss of life.

Children on the portside in Marsala, Sicily, alerted a coast guard patrol to the one-month-old kitten as he floated apparently lifeless in the water.

One of the sailors - who were on their way back from a patrol mission - jumped into the water and pulled Charlie (as he is now known) to safety.

The coastguard members with the kitten they saved. Credit: RTV

As soon as the little cat was on board another crew member began giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, something the coastguard are trained to do, though normally on humans.

At first the kitten shows no signs of life despite the coastguard's best efforts, however, they refuse to give up and after a couple of minutes the cat began to show signs of life, coughing up water and emitting a few feeble miaows. One of the men spots this and shouts in Italian that it is breathing.

After his ordeal the tiny kitten was taken back to the coastguard's offices. Credit: RTV

The little feline was taken to the coastguard's offices at the port and dried off.

A vet was called and said the kitten was in good health.

Marsala maritime district office have now "adopted" the cat and decided to call him Charlie.