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Derelict and deserted - the ghost of former Olympic sites

Rio is blazing in glory and colour as the Olympic Games get into full swing.

But other Olympic cities, which have hosted the Games in years gone by, look vastly different: deserted, abandoned, and derelict.

These pictures capture how parts of former host cities such as Sarajevo, Athens and even Beijing as recently as 2008 fell into complete disrepair once the Games were over.

In some of these images, it is hard to believe it was just a matter of years ago when thousands watched as Olympians took to the stage across these venues.

  • Sarajevo, 1984
A disused bobsleigh track is now full of graffiti and used as a cycling track Credit: Reuters
A derelict medals podium near to the ski jump Credit: Reuters
A disused ski jump at Sarajevo Credit: Reuters
An abandoned judges' room Credit: Reuters
  • Athens, 2004
An abandoned volleyball stadium at the Faliro complex near Athens Credit: Reuters
Swimming pool at the Olympic villge in Thrakomakedones Credit: Reuters
The disused canoe and slalom stadium Credit: Reuters
Broken chairs at the baseball stadium at the Hellenikon Olympic complex Credit: Reuters
The Olympic mascots seen on a wall Credit: Reuters
  • Beijing, 2008
No entry: the former beach volleyball stadium at Beijing Credit: Reuters
The beach volleyball stadium lies disused and unmaintained Credit: Reuters
A former Olympic rowing lake is filled with rubbish Credit: Reuters
Glass panels where the former baseball stadium lay Credit: Reuters
A changing room sign at the former Olympic rowing lake Credit: Reuters
The word 'dream' can be seen near the kayak site Credit: Reuters