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Swimming gold medalist's message to Russian rival: 'I did it clean'

A bitter rivalry between two American and Russian Olympic swimmers ended with the winner proclaiming: "It's incredible... knowing I did it clean".

Lily King won the 100 metre breaststroke final on Monday Credit: Reuters

Teenage athlete Lily King, 19, took the gold medal in the women's 100 metre breaststroke final at Rio 2016 on Monday, ahead of runner-up Yulia Efimova.

Efimova, twice banned previously for doping (including a ban on competing at Rio prior to an appeal), was booed as she competed at the Games in Brazil.

But the rivalry between the pair had already heated up by Sunday, with King wagging her finger at Efimova as the latter qualified for the final, who held up her own finger in a "no 1" sign.

Yulia Efimova holds up a 'no 1' sign Credit: Russia

After King's took gold in world-record time on Monday, she slapped the water in her rival Efimova's lane.

Efimova was then pictured crying after finishing second, but King did not hold back from further criticism.

Speaking after her win, King said: "It’s incredible, just winning a gold medal, and knowing I did it clean".

Efimova was pictured crying after finishing second Credit: Reuters