Where's Daniel Goodfellow? Olympic bronze medal-winning diver excluded from front pages in favour of Tom Daley

The mother of Olympic bronze medal-winning Daniel Goodfellow has reacted angrily after her son was excluded from some newspaper front pages in favour of his better-known diving partner Tom Daley.

Daley and Goodfellow claimed an impressive bronze in the men’s synchronised 10m platform event on Monday.

But the Daily Mail, Daily Express and the Daily Telegraph excluded Goodfellow from their front pages, choosing to lead with an image of Daley on his own.

However, Goodfellow insisted afterwards he didn't feel overshadowed and that he was sure the pair were equally as happy for each other.

Credit: Daily Telegraph

Goodfellow, 19, was also referred to as Daley's "synchronised partner" in the sub-heading of The Times.

His mother voiced her anger at the coverage.

She told the BBC's Nick Sutton, who tweets the front pages of newspapers most nights, that she was “very surprised” by the Telegraph's front page.

In another exchange with a Twitter user, she slammed the "insensitive" media and expressed hope that the front pages would be changed "before morning" to reflect her son's contribution to the medal-winning efforts.

The front pages and lack of reference to Goodfellow prompted anger and ridicule on social media, including from sports presenter Gabby Logan who called on the Times to "do better than this".

Goodfellow did not seem to let the front pages upset him, tweeting that "words can't describe how I'm feeling right now".

The teenager later told ITV News that he and his "good friend" Daley "both deserved credit" for their achievement.