Real Stories: man's best friend turned 10-year-old boy's life around

Tonight on Real Stories we tell the story of a boy and his dog, whose remarkable bond is like nothing you’ve ever seen Credit: Real Stories/ITV

Ten year old Owen Howkins was born with a condition so rare that there are only currently around 100 recorded cases worldwide.

Just before his second birthday, Owen was diagnosed with Schwartz Jampel syndrome - a genetic condition that his father Will has found just 5 other people within the UK.

Although it is non-life threatening it causes severe pain, which Owen has compared to ‘being stabbed by lots of needles.’

With so few able to understand what he was experiencing, life was occasionally lonely for Owen - but as he discovered, friendship can come from the most unexpected of places.

Enter three legged Anatolian Shepherd, Haatchi, who has helped restore Owen’s self-belief. Now best friends, Owen and Haatchi are inseparable.

Watch a teaser of tonight’s programme in the video below:

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