Royal Mail will not commemorate Rio 2016 success

Royal Mail have no plans to commemorate the success of Team GB athletes at Rio 2016.

During London 2012, Royal Mail sold around £8m worth of Olympic and Paralympic stamps and painted post boxes gold to honour the sporting achievements of British athletes.

However in a statement they said London 2012 was a "unique occasion" and as such, had no plans to celebrate further success in Rio.

"Because of our status as the host nation, Royal Mail was honoured to mark the achievement of our athletes through gold post boxes and special stamps – the first country to do so.

"The honour of hosting the Games has now passed to Brazil. Brazil Post has already announced that it is producing a series of stamps to celebrate the Games", they added.

Royal Mail printed special edition stamps to honour gold medallists in 2012. Credit: PA
Mo Farah was among 110 athletes who had a post box painted gold in their honour. Credit: PA

Over 500 Royal Mail branches opened on Sunday's during London 2012, many for the first time, to provide stamps the day after a British athlete secured a gold medal.

Royal Mail also painted 110 post boxes gold - one for each Olympic and Paralympic gold medallist - to mark the occasion.

However the accolade won't be passed on to successful athletes in Rio.

They said: "Our gold post boxes were a unique, highly visible and fitting way to recognise the successes of Team GB and ParalympicsGB [in 2012]."

Royal Mail confirmed London 2012 post boxes will remain gold, but said Brazil "as the host nation of Rio 2016, will now have the honour of celebrating the Games in its own way."

"We wish Team GB the very best of luck", they added.

Andy Murray secured gold at London 2012. Credit: Team GB

Elsewhere, Japan Post has been quick to produce stamps to commemorate their recent judo and gymnastic success at Rio 2016.

More than 80 people queued outside Tokyo Central Post Office on Wednesday to buy the new stamps.

They also plan to continue issuing them the day after any Japanese athlete wins gold in any Olympic or Paralympic event.

Team GB have already secured three gold medals in Rio and are hoping to achieve further success as the track and field events begin later this week.

They have a set a target of 47 medals in Rio, which will make it the most successful away Games in their history.