'She's like me mummy!': Two-year-old girl who lost all her limbs to meningitis is overjoyed with lookalike doll

A two-year-old girl who lost all her limbs to meningitis is delighted with a "lookalike" doll that comes with its own prosthetic limbs, her parents have told Good Morning Britain.

Harmonie-Rose, from Bath, was a healthy toddler until September last year when she contracted meningitis B at 10-months-old - just days after she had begun to take her first steps.

She was in intensive care for four weeks, was put on kidney dialysis and doctors told the youngster's parents, Freya Hall and Ross Allen, that their daughter had only a 10% chance of survival.

Harmonie-Rose pulled through, but because of the severity of the infection, she had to undergo a quadruple amputation.

The little girl has adapted to her new way of life, but her mother believes that being able to play with dolls that look like her will help Harmonie Rose to not feel isolated by her condition, and grow up with a more positive outlook.

Hall spotted the viral video of a US girl being given a doll with a prosthetic leg and got in touch with its US makers.

A family friend in America helped by picking up the doll, sending it off to be adapted and shipping it to a delighted Harmonie-Rose, who has named her mini-me Becca.

Now two major retailers have told GMB they will consider stocking prosthetic dolls in the UK.

Mothercare told the show that stocking prosthetic dolls is something they may look at in the future, while Toys R Us said it was a "great initiative."

Hall says that Harmonie-Rose now wants a mini standing frame for Becca, just like her own.

You can follow Harmonie-Rose's progress on her Facebook page.