Women launch cake campaign against 'anti-feminist' MP

Credit: Twitter / ruthie_dee

A Conservative MP who complained that "feminist zealots" want women to "have their cake and eat it" has been inundated with pictures of them doing just that.

Campaigners have been sending a sweet message to Philip Davies to let them know just how wrong they think he is.

The MP had claimed that a push for "so-called equality" favours women in a speech at an anti-feminism event.

Now women have been responding by pointing out issues such as the wage gap and the low rape conviction rate together with some images of themselves enjoying some high quality snacks.

Mr Davies made his controversial comments at an event held by the anti-feminist political party Justice for Men and Boys. The group's website includes awards for "lying feminist of the month" and posts such as "13 reasons women lie about being raped".

The Tory MP said that problems were being stirred up by "militant feminists" in his speech.

"They fight for their version of equality on all the things that suit women but are very quick to point out that women need special protections and treatment on other things," he claimed.

Philip Davies spoke out against 'feminist zealots' Credit: PA

He was roundly condemned by campaigners and many fellow politicians after details of his speech were made public.

"We want to grow the cake that Mr Davies refers to, then we can all eat a bigger slice of it," said a spokeswoman for the Fawcett Society.

"Perhaps we'll even be generous enough to save a slice for him."

Labour's shadow secretary for women and equalities, Angela Rayner, said Mr Davies had reveled "open contempt" for women that has "no place" in modern Britain.

She called on prime minister Theresa May to withdraw the Tory whip from Mr Davies while an investigation into his comments is carried out.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said he was "proud to call himself a feminist".

Mr Davies also faced questions over his support for a rival political party by appearing at the event.

He told the Guardian that his appearance at the event did not amount to an endorsement of everything that the party stood for.

"I don't agree with everything the Conservative Party does but I'm still a Conservative MP," he said.