Jeremy Corbyn accuses Tom Watson of 'nonsense' Trotskyite claims

Tom Watson and Jeremy Corbyn Credit: PA

Jeremy Corbyn has attacked Tom Watson, for talking "nonsense", over his claims that "Trotsky entryists" are manipulating young party members to boost support for the Labour leader.

The pair's relatively peaceful public relationship erupted into a war of words last week with allies of Mr Corbyn accusing the elected deputy of peddling "baseless conspiracy theories".

Mr Watson replied with a dossier which he claimed backed up his comments.

Jeremy Corbyn gives a speech at a leadership campaign event. Credit: PA

The MP for West Bromwich East hit back, insisting the evidence was "incontrovertible".

Tom Watson Credit: PA

In the interview with the Observer Mr Corbyn also offered his first public comments on the Court of Appeal's judgement to bar around 130,000 members from voting in the leadership contest in a ruling which upheld the initial decision of Labour's ruling body.

Asked twice if he had full confidence in Ian McNicol - Labour's general secretary who led the appeal which was brought by the party's National Executive Committee (NEC) - Mr Corbyn repeatedly stated: "I have been happy to work with Iain McNicol since I became leader."