NHS 'testing cannabis-based pain relief product' for first time

The NHS is testing a product which contains the active ingredient cannabidoil. Credit: Gareth Fuller / PA Wire

The National Health Service is reportedly testing a cannabis-based product for the first time.

The 'MediPen' is used to relieve pain in people suffering from a range of conditions including depression, cancer and arthritis.

The vaporiser contains the active ingredient cannabidoil, an oil extracted from the cannabis plant, and the manufacturer claims it is "completely non-psychoactive and does not induce any mind-altering effects".

According to an interview with the company's managing director in the Independent, the product is being 'tested by an NHS unit'.

MediPen confirmed on Facebook that the pain reliever is "the first consumer cannabis product to be tested by the NHS".

The NHS was said to be unable to comment due to a non-disclosure agreement preventing them from sharing client information.

MediPen is also currently promoting a high-profile campaign to change public perceptions about cannabis.

The company has said the "negative connotations" surrounding the drug are "having a detrimental impact on millions of lives across the UK".

In April a poll found that nearly half of people in the UK are in favour of decriminalising cannabis.