Rail fares to increase by 1.9% in 2017

Rail fares will increase by 1.9% for 2017, the Government has said.

The rise is linked to July's Retail Price Index measure of inflation, which was announced on Tuesday.

June's figure was 1.6%.

The increase will affect regulated fares, which include season tickets on most commuter journeys and 'anytime' tickets around major cities.

Off-peak return tickets on long distance trips will also be affected.

July's rise was announced after research showed rail fares had increased at twice the speed of wages since 2010.

In a report by the TUC and Action for Rail, fares have increased by 25% over the last six years, despite average weekly earnings growing by 12%.

Jeremy Corbyn joined a RMT protest ahead of the announcement. Credit: PA

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn joined a demonstration outside London Bridge station on Tuesday and reiterated his call for the network to be taken in to private ownership.

Holding up a placard that read '2017 rip-off central', he said public ownership of the railways was needed to address the "transport nightmare" faced by commuters.

He said: "Public ownership of our railways is needed now to fix the transport nightmare we are currently faced with, and we know there is overwhelming support among the British public for a people's railway.

"It is only by bringing the railways back under public ownership as the contracts expire, that will fix the rail crisis", he added.

Shadow transport secretary Andy McDonald said: "People rely on our public transport for getting to work, visiting friends and families.

"Our public transport needs to be run in the interests of the public - not private companies".