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Syrian boy pulled from airstrikes rubble one of many child victims

  • Warning: Some viewers may find footage and images in this article distressing

Heartbreaking footage of a five-year-old boy pulled alive from his collapsed home amid Syrian airstrikes has caused outcry around the world.

But as the haunting image of Omran Daqneesh went viral, further footage - obtained exclusively by ITV News - showed he was not the only one.

More bloodied children are seen being treated for dreadful shrapnel wounds after two days of intense air attacks hit Aleppo.

British charity worker Tauqir 'Tox' Sharif from East London, who heads charity 'Live Updates From Syria', witnessed first hand the graphic scenes.

Desperate medical staff called for a ceasefire to get the most injured out of the besieged city.

But they dismissed the impact of a move to ensure more humanitarian supplies reach the most stricken among Aleppo's two million civilians.

"We don't want any aid, we don't want medical supplies. We want this bombing and shelling to stop," surgeon Dr Hamza Khatib, who treated Omran, said.

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A young child broke into tears as a tissue was removed from what appeared to be a shrapnel wound on his leg from Tuesday night's attacks. Credit: Live Updates From Syria

The harrowing footage obtained by ITV News showed children in hospital with blood-splattered faces and bandaged heads in the aftermath of an alleged cluster bomb attack.

One child is seen under blankets on a makeshift bed.

While another young boy is carried in, his white t-shirt reddened around the collar before he cries as a tissue is taken off his bloodied leg.

A child with a blood-splattered face was treated after Tuesday night's airstrikes. Credit: Live Updates From Syria

The footage was filmed on Tuesday, the night before Omran was injured.

The doctor who treated Omran the following night confirmed he was one of eight children rushed to hospital for treatment.

All have since been released with Omran treated for a head injury that medics said was far from the worst they have encountered in recent days.

ITV News understands Omran's parents and three siblings were also injured in the airstrike that levelled their home.

Another young victim of Tuesday's airstrikes was treated after his head was heavily bandaged. Credit: Live Updates From Syria

The right side of the house was destroyed entirely while the left side of the house left a mass of messy rubble.

The footage featuring Omran was filmed after an airstrike in the rebel-held district of al-Qaterji.

It shows the dazed and confused youngster covered in dust seconds after being rescued from what used to be his home.

Omran Daqneesh was filmed sitting alone in the back of an ambulance on Wednesday before being taken to hospital. Credit: AMC

He is then placed alone in the back of an ambulance as the rescue operation continues around him.

Omran then runs his hand over his blood-covered face, looks at his hands and wipes them on the ambulance chair.

Omran Daqneesh was pulled alive from his home during airstrikes on Wednesday. Credit: AMC

The impact of the image of Omran has drawn comparisons to the shocking images of a drowned Syrian boy, Aylan Kurdi.

Aylan's body was found on a beach in Turkey last year, inadvertently raising the profile of the refugee crisis.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the attack in which Omran was hurt killed three people and left many other people injured.

Syrian opposition group Local Coordination Committees said Wednesday's airstrike was conducted by Russian aircraft.

One of the doctors treating the children injured in the two nights of air attacks called for an end to the killings - and more protection for those trying to save lives.

Our message to all persons and to our friends and colleagues in Western countries (is) to stop killing innocent civilians in Syria and to (safely) protect hospitals and doctors and medical workers.

Our children need to live.

– Dr Mohammad

Fellow Syrian doctor Dr Hamza Khatib told ITV News At Ten Presenter Tom Bradby that all those living and working inside the city of Aleppo had signed a "contract with death".