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Jamie Oliver 'in shock' over Government's childhood obesity strategy

Jamie Oliver Credit: PA

Jamie Oliver has said he is in "shock" at the Government's long-awaited childhood obesity strategy.

The celebrity chef said the plan "contained a few nice ideas, but so much is missing".

He added he was at a loss as to why it was shared during the August government recess.

Leading doctors and health experts from numerous fields have criticised the plan - which has been hampered by delays and u-turns.

In a post on his Facebook page, father-of-five Oliver said the strategy was supposed to be "one of the most important health initiatives of our time".

A sugar tax on soft drinks will come into force from 2018. Credit: PA

Where are the actions on irresponsible advertising targeted at our children, and the restrictions on junk food promotions?

The sugary drinks tax seems to be the only clear part of this strategy, and with funds going directly to schools that’s great, but in isolation it’s not enough.

This strategy was Britain’s opportunity to lead the way and to implement real, meaningful environmental change, to start removing the crippling financial burden from our NHS and reversing the tide of diet-related disease.

With this disappointing, and frankly, underwhelming strategy the health of our future generations remains at stake.

I sincerely hope the Government's promise to ‘take further action where it is needed’ is true…

– Jamie Oliver
Credit: ITV News

Main points of Government strategy

  • 20% sugar reduction in children's cereals, yoghurts, sweets, breads and desserts over the next five years
  • Targets for sugar content per 100g of product and calorie caps for specific single-serving products
  • Reports on whether the industry is reducing sugar content through the voluntary scheme and if it is deemed that insufficient progress has been made
  • Government sugar tax on soft drinks such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Red Bull will come into force from 2018 - money raised will be put towards sports in schools and school breakfast clubs
  • Primary schools to be asked to help ensure pupils get at least 60 minutes of exercise a day - 30 minutes in school through PE and active play and 30 minutes outside school