US swimmer pays $11k to charity after 'lying' about being robbed in Rio

US swimmer Jimmy Feigen has said he will pay $11,000 (£8,200) to a Brazilian charity after falsely claiming he was robbed at gunpoint in Rio.

Fiegen and teammates Ryan Lochte, Gunnar Bentz, and Jack Conger said they had been robbed by gunmen impersonating police officersas they returned to the Athlete's Village at the weekend.

Police in Brazil investigated the claims but said they believed the Olympians had made up the story - and had in fact vandalised a petrol station.

CCTV from the scene of the incident. Credit: Reuters

CCTV instead showed them causing damage at the petrol station where they alleged the robbery had taken place.

Gold medal-winning Feigen, Conger and Bentz have provided revised testimonies to authorities in Brazil, following the claims initially made by Lochte.

The announcement of the payment was made by Feigen's attorney, Breno Melaragno Costa.

Bentz, Conger, and Lochte have all returned to the US, while Feigen remains in Brazil.

The US Olympic Committee has apologised and branded the behaviour of the four swimmers "unacceptable".