Team GB athletes immortalised in wool in one family's unusual tribute

. Credit: SWNS

A needle-wielding family have set up their own unique tribute to Team GB's athletes as Britiain continues to scoop up the OIympic medals - with special sporty knitted dolls.

Mo Farah is among those to get the knit treatment, performing his now-iconic 'M' gesture atop the Olympic podium, along with tennis players, long jumpers and gymnasts.

The display has been set up as Team GB scored its 25th gold medal at Rio 2016 - bringing the overall medal haul to 61.

The family, based in Walthamstow, north London, began knitting characters four years ago, choosing a variety of themes - such as national events, holidays or pop culture.

Suzanne Haggerty does most of the knitting, with help from her niece Samantha Chaplin and her 78-year-old nan Mary Haggerty.

The Olympics inspired the family's latest set of creations Credit: SWNS
One model captures a gymnast in full swing Credit: SWNS

Samantha said the creations have been attracting a lot of attention from passers-by.

The family often choose themes based around national events or holidays Credit: SWNS
The creations have been attracting attention from passers-by Credit: SWNS

Another recent project for the family team was Roald Dahl stories, after one young BFG fan commented that he would fit in well their their other dolls.

"We knit for Valentines Day, Halloween, Christmas, Chinese New Year and anything else we feel like celebrating," Samantha added.

"It takes a long time to make each display and we just hope that people will continue to enjoy them".