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University researcher, 102, ordered to leave his post

Dr David Goodall is still working at 102 Credit: Edith Cowan University

A 102-year-old university researcher has been ordered by the institution to leave his post because he is "unfit" to work on campus.

David Goodall, Australia's oldest working scientist, has produced over 100 research papers throughout a career spanning 70 years.

And despite his age, he still manages to make a 90-minute journey to Edith Cowan University, Perth at least four times a week.

But now Dr Goodall, who has worked at Edith Cowan for almost two decades as an honourary research associate, has been told to pack his bags after being declared "unfit" to work on campus.

Dr Goodall, who has three doctorates and is a member of the Order of Australia, says the university provides him with some of his only social contacts.

"I have no social contact in the building where my flat is and few social contacts elsewhere in Perth actually," Dr Goodall said.

"But I know most of the people in my office corridor and it's very nice to be able to go and talk to them from time to time even though they may be pretty busy".

The decision to relieve Dr Goodall of his duty was made after staff and students raised concerns about his well-being.

This is not a decision we've taken lightly, this is something that has been considered over a period of time.

We are now of the opinion where the situation is at a point where we really do need to make this change in David's best interest and our own.

– Andrew Woodward, Dean of the School of Sciences

However, the news has not been met well by Dr Goodall's daughter, Karen Goodall-Smith, who said she was "appalled" with the decision.

"I said it would be the worst thing you could possibly do, I don't know if he would survive it," she said.

Dr Goodall has expressed his eagerness to continue to contribute to the university, even from afar.