Food prices changed to illustrate how much house prices have risen in London

By Joe Davies: ITV News Digital Producer

Food prices were altered in a Tesco supermarket as part of a campaign to illustrate the unaffordability of houses in London.

The #PricedOutLondoner blog changed the price tags of various foods to show what they would cost if their price was increased by the same amount as house price inflation over the last 20 years.

A 350g block of cheddar cheese would cost £36.33, for example, if its price was increased by 938% - the level of house price inflation in Marylebone over the last two decades, according to data quoted by Foxtons.

House prices have risen 938% in Oval over the last two decades. Credit: Tumblr / Priced Out London
House prices have risen by 696% in Camden since 1996. Credit: Tumblr / Priced Out London

Meanwhile, using the same calculation, the bloggers found 430ML of mayonnaise would cost £21.72 if its current price jumped by 732% - the level of house price inflation in Kensington over the same period.

The average house in the capital now costs £472,000, compared to a UK average of £214,000, according to data released by the Office for National Statistics last week.

Nathalie Gordon, who carried out the stunt with Wren Graham, told ITV News: "Housing prices are something that affects everyone in the country and we can't continue to ignore the fact that owning a house has become a luxury of the rich and not a right of all.

"Owning a house has become an unrealistic goal for the majority of young people and one that is only getting worse.

"Building new homes is only a tiny part of this solution, we need to introduce reasonable rent caps and stop the super rich from using London properties as investments that they don't even live in."

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan pledged to ensure half of all new homes in the capital are affordable, but his deputy James Murray admitted in June that his housing ambitions could take years to achieve.

Mayonnaise would cost £21.72 if its price shot up by as much as the 732% house price inflation in Kensington. Credit: Tumblr / Priced Out London
House prices in Chelsea have risen by 733% in Chelsea over the last 20 years, Credit: Tumblr / Priced Out London