Celebrity Big Brother: Sam Fox claims she was 'nearly blinded' by Stephen Bear

Sam Fox has claimed she was "nearly blinded" in a prank by her Celebrity Big Brother housemate Stephen Bear.

The former pin up said Bear dislodged her contact lens after spraying water in her eye - leaving her unable to open it for four hours.

"I had to see a medic and keep an eye patch on for half a day - it was horrible," she said.

But the scenes - which hadn't been aired - have now been cut from the show prompting viewers to ask why.

Fox was evicted from the house on Tuesday night with Katie Waissel. Credit: PA

Fans on Twitter asked whether it had not been shown to protect Bear, who is a favourite to win the show and is currently on his final warning.

Stuart Osmond tweeted, "So there you go. Bear hits Sam in the eye, so she had to see a medic, yet we didn't see that tonight. Proof it's fixed for Bear to win."

Another asked: "Why has big brother not shown #cbb the eye incident though? Why are they protecting @stephen--bear hhhmm keeping him in ey #ratingsMaybe?"

A third Twitter user wrote: "So what else haven't they been showing beside Bear really hurting @SamFoxCom eye? Obviously quite a lot! I wonder why ... "

Vicky Pattison's ex Stephen Bear is current favourite to win the show. Credit: PA

Others asked why it had not been enough to get him booted out the house.

Corey Seville tweeted: "Any reason why the Sam/Bear eye incident wasn't shown? Did he get a warning? Why wasn't he thrown out?"

@LadyBfothergill added: "Bear hurting Sam's eye, wouldn't that constitute a 3rd and final warning? Better not show it otherwise they'd have to remove him #CBB #Fix."

A Channel 5 spokeswoman confirmed medics were called but said the footage was not aired on Tuesday as it was a shorter show due to the double eviction.

She added there were no plans to air the footage.