Six-year-old disappointed after D grade in GCSE maths

A six-year-old boy who sat his GCSE maths exam a decade earlier than most students is "disappointed" after scoring a D.

Sherwyn Sarabi, who has an IQ of more than 160, sat two one-hour, 45-minute papers after studying the GCSE syllabus for barely six months.

He earned the low pass mark despite walking out of one of the exams 35 minutes early.

Proud mother Amanda Sarabi she and her husband Davoud "weren't expecting anything" because Sherwyn had missed some of the required modules but said her son fell short of his own expectations.

"Now he has got a D, it's a pass, but he is still disappointed, he was hoping for more," she said.

Mrs Sarabi, 40, said: "Just to be able to sit and take the exam at that age is a great achievement. I am happy with that."

She said she believes Sherwyn was born with a gift, adding: "I only have to show him something once and that's it."

A home-schooled seven-year-old remains the youngest child to make the top A* grade in maths.

Thomas Barnes achieved the feat in 2014.