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Team GB success will make 27 Lotto players millionaires

The National Lottery is creating a total of 67 extra prizes to match Team GB's medal haul.

Team GB's success in the Rio Games will see the creation of 27 UK millionaires as the Lotto celebrates Britain's record gold medal haul.

There will be a total of 67 life-changing prizes on offer during Saturday's draw - one for every Olympic medal won by Team GB in this year's Games.

There are 27 £1 million prizes on offer to match the gold medals won and 23 prizes of £100,000 to equal the silver haul.

And 17 winners will win £50,000 to match the bronze medals won.

Arabella Gilchrist of the National Lottery said: "Team GB's triumph in Rio is a fantastic example of what National Lottery funding has done for our country.

"If you've ever bought a National Lottery ticket then you made this happen and should be really proud.

"We want to thank all of our players and celebrate this weekend by making an additional 67 winners, including 27 extra millionaires."

British athletes have won 700 Olympic and Paralympic medals since National Lottery funding was first awarded to elite athletes in 1997.