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Vogue Brazil criticised for photoshopping able-bodied actors in Paralympic feature

A Vogue campaign has come under fire for photoshopping images of able-bodied actors for a Rio 2016 Paralymics feature.

Cleo Pires appeared with her arm air-brushed out and Paulo Vilhena was given a prosthetic leg in the Brazil edition of the magazine.

The two ambassadors for the Brazilian Paralympic Committee appeared under the tag “We are all Paralympians”.

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But critics say the magazine should have used models with real-life disabilities.

Natália Belizario led complaints on feminist website Lado M and wrote: “There’s no shortage of disabled people to take the place of spokesperson in these adverts and show society that yes, they exist and they deserve as much space in the media as us.

“No, we are not all Paralympians. We still do not understand the reality of people with disabilities.

“We can all be supporters of the Paralympic movement, but it is always good to remember that the role, more than ever, is not ours.”

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But Ms Pires, who came up with the idea for the feature, said the magazine was just trying to raise the profile of the Paralympics.

She posted a video on Instagram with her saying: “We lent our image to generate visibility. And that’s what we’re doing. My God.”

Only 20 per cent of Paralympics tickets have been sold ahead of the competition which starts on 7 September.