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Two sailors rescued after writing 'SOS' in the sand of an uninhabited island

Two two survivors were seen walking near their 'SOS' sign Credit: US Navy

Two sailors have been rescued from an uninhabited island after writing 'SOS' in the sand.

A US Navy aircraft crew spotted the pair on the Micronesia island in the western Pacific and gave their location to the coastguard in Guam.

The pair had reportedly left Weno Island on August 17, and were expected to arrive at Tamatam Island the following day.

Credit: US Navy
Credit: US Navy
Credit: US Navy

However they didn't arrive and rescuers received a report about them missing on August 19.

On Wednesday, a ship noticed flashing light was coming from the uninhibited Chuuk State island - where the two were later found.

The US Navy was alerted and noticed the survivors next to their 'SOS' sign on the beach.

The pair had no emergency equipment when they were found, and were taken aboard a patrol boat.