Lily Allen has hit back after claims she collapsed at Notting Hill Carnival from drinking too much.

The singer - who is alleged to have been sick after mixing her drinks and smoking a "suspicious looking cigarette" - insisted she was "just a lightweight".

Dismissing claims for her health, she tweeted: "I had two cans of Strongbow on an empty stomach. I'm here now and absolutely fine."

Allen was pictured appearing to drink punch, cider and Jack Daniels whiskey - which she later tweeted was "the beginning of the end".

She was then spotted being carried away, seemingly unconscious, by her rumoured boyfriend, grime rapper MC Meridian Dan.

Allen, who has two children with Sam Cooper, has previously spoken about her early success, when she was well known for her partying.

"Everything was just such a blur," she told Esquire magazine in 2014.

"I can't really remember it. I mean I remember big moments like the Brits, but I don't really remember how I felt over a period of time.

"I think I was just a bit out of my head. Just drinking a lot and self-medicating."