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National Trust accused of bullying after outbidding farmers for land in the Lake District

The National Trust has been accused of bullying after it outbid farmers for three hundred acres of land in the Lake District.

Farmer Peter Edmonton told ITV News he wanted to buy Thornythwaite farm in Borrowdale so that it could be passed on to the next generation of farmers.

But when the farm and the land was put up for sale, the current owner offered it as two separate lots with a guide price of £750,000 for the land and an additional £800,000 for the farm and its buildings.

The National Trust moved in and substantially outbid local farmers with an offer of £950,000 for the land only.

The Trust said it bought the plot in Borrowdale to preserve the landscape. Credit: ITV News

The Trust has insisted that it did not abuse its position and bought the land to preserve the landscape and to benefit the country.

But farmers are angry that the sale has led to the loss of another working farm in the area.