Five teenagers hospitalised after fairground incident

Five teenagers were taken to hospital following an incident at a fairground in Ayr.

A 16-year-old boy was treated for several broken ribs and a 16-year-old girl for a fractured wrist and facial injuries.

A 14, 15 and 17-year-old were also taken to hospital after they were thrown off the "Move It Tagada" ride at the funfair at around 9.30pm.

A boy and a girl are understood to be among those injured, hurt when they were thrown off the 'Move It Tagada' ride at the funfair at around 9.30pm.

Anne McDonald wrote on the Ayrshire Police Facebook page that her two granddaughters were on the ride when the accident happened.

She added that part of a long seat came off during the ride, sending a small girl "flying".

"My husband had to tell him to stay down as there was loads a blood coming from his head ... there was a boy and a girl hurt, both taken to hospital.

"It was horrible seeing so many girls and boys crying," she wrote.

Ayrshire police said that officers had secured the area and remain at the scene.

A joint investigation between Police Scotland and the Health & Safety Executive is now underway.

Chief Inspector Brian Shaw said: “This was a frightening experience for those involved and those who witnessed last night’s incident at the fairground.

“Thankfully nobody was seriously injured and enquiries are underway to establish what exactly has happened here".