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Points-based system 'does not give control' over immigration, says Theresa May

  • Video report by ITV News Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship

Theresa May has said a points-based immigration system would not give the British government control over the movement of people post-Brexit.

A policy similar to the one used by Australia was among the key pledges made by Vote Leave campaigners such as Boris Johnson ahead of the referendum on June 23.

But the prime minister said such a system would not provide the control over the movement of people that the British public wanted to see.

Responding to a question from ITV News Political Editor Robert Peston at the G20 summit in China, Mrs May said: "I want a system where the government is able to decide who comes into the country.

"A points-based system means that people come in automatically if they just meet the criteria."

Earlier, former Ukip leader Nigel Farage insisted Mrs May should not be allowed to "backslide" on a points-based system for immigration.

He said it was worrying that May seemed to be going back on the key Brexit promise to introduce the system, which he claims will be one of the best ways to control who comes into the UK.

However, the Conservative leader has now seemingly ruled out the policy.

She also dismissed claims that the UK's role in the world would be diminished as a result of the Brexit vote.

Mrs May said there had been "no change" in the attitudes of other nations towards the UK or its influence on the world stage.

"The UK is here and playing our full role as we always have done and will continue to do," she told a press conference.

Mrs May will hold talks with Chinese President Xi before departing the summit. Credit: Reuters

Mrs May said the summit had been an opportunity to showcase Britain as a "bold, outlooking" country and that she had set out her ambition for the country to become a global leader in free trade.

She added that India, Mexico, Singapore and South Korea were just some of the countries that had welcomed the suggestion of further talks about post-Brexit trade deals.

Mrs May will hold talks with Chinese President Xi before departing the summit.

It comes after she delayed a decision on the £18 billion Beijing-backed nuclear power station at Hinkley Point.

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