Donald Trump a 'dangerous manchild' says Alex Salmond

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump is a "manchild" who poses a "real and present danger" to US security, Alex Salmond has said.

The former first minister of Scotland has claimed that the billionaire businessman is emotionally similar to Peter Pan - the boy who never grew up - and can swing from "bonhomie to bullying" in a single conversation.

Mr Salmond and Mr Trump had a very public falling-out when Trump attempted to block a wind farm development near his golf course in Aberdeenshire.

Now, as the race for the White House continues, Mr Salmond has written about his encounters with the Republican presidential candidate.

Writing in the Daily Record, he said: "Trump swings from public support to extreme opposition with no intervening period whatsoever.

"Indeed, in the course of a single phone call, he would veer alarmingly from bonhomie, to bullying, to pleading and then back to a jocular mood. Emotionally he is a Peter Pan - the boy who never grew up.

"This disagreement between us was just about wind turbines! Imagine the consequences if similar phone calls were taking place from the Oval Office, not Trump Tower, and the subject matter was not wind power but hard power - military force and nuclear weaponry."

Referring to a Democrat advertising campaign from 1964, when the party looked to highlight the dangers of a Republican presidency with nuclear strike countdown, Mr Salmond added: "As this campaign reaches its climax, they should consider using such an approach again.

"Because while many disgruntled Americans are still attracted to Trump's anti-establishment, anti-Washington, anti-big government rhetoric, only a few want to risk a manchild in the White House."