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Headteacher who sent 50 pupils home for 'wrong' uniform promises to continue with tough policy

The headteacher of a school in Kent which sent 50 pupils home for apparently not wearing the correct uniform has stood by his firm stance and vowed to keep sending home pupils if they do not comply with the school's rules.

On Tuesday parents protested outside Hartsdown Academy in Margate, saying the draconian approach was reminiscent of the Gestapo.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain (GMB), headteacher Matthew Tate hit back saying it was "unfair" on the children who had complied with the rules if action was not taken against those who had not.

A letter issued by Hartsdown Academy to pupils who have not complied with the school's uniform rules. Credit: ITV News

When questioned what would happen about parents and children who continued to defy the rules, Mr Tate promised to continue with his tough stance: "We will continue to not allow children into this school unless they are in perfect uniform."

William King, 11, was told to return home after his uniform did not meet the standards of new headmaster Matthew Tate. Credit: SWNS

The majority of our children, the majority of our parents do the right thing and I stand by them.

We will sort out the minority who that don't do what they're asked, because it's really unfair that those children who came in the right uniform, those parents who stood up to their children and made sure that they were doing the right thing are undermined by the school for taking a strong stance.

– Headteacher Matthew Tate

The new headteacher stressed that the school had written to parents in July informing them of the new rules, and that the tough stance would lead to better behaviour and better grades and help the school to be "amazing" and ensure pupils have the "best possible education".

Mr Tate also stressed that the school expected staff to "set the tone and standard" and that any teacher who wore trainers to work would also be sent home.

Hartsdown Academy in Margate, Kent. Credit: SWNS

One girl was reportedly left with bleeding feet after being forced to remove her socks, while another was turned away for wearing trainers to prevent hip pain after being involved in an accident.

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