Brit who 'wanted to shoot Trump' is 'so sorry for everything', mother says

Lynne Sandford aid he son was 'so sorry for everything' Credit: PA

The mother of a British man accused of intending to shoot Donald Trump said she does not "for one minute" believe her son meant any harm.

Lynne Sandford was last week able to visit her son for the first time since his arrest in Las Vegas.

The two spoke through a wire divide at the Lloyd D George courthouse in Las Vegas.

Ms Sandford said: "We spent the whole meeting hand-in-hand through the wire mesh, at the end we put our cheeks together and I was crying and he felt one of my tear drops come through the mesh, so we actually had contact after all."

Michael Sandford, allegedly attempted to grab a policeman's gun to kill the Republican presidential nominee during a rally at Treasure Island casino in Las Vegas on 18 June.

He later told officials he wanted "to shoot and kill Donald Trump".

Michael Sandford allegedly attempted to grab a policeman's gun in order to shoot Donald Trump Credit: Reuters

Speaking about their meeting, Ms Sandford said he son was "so sorry for everything".

Ms Sandford said her son had never shown an interest in politics, and when asked if she believed he had intended harm, replied: "Not for one minute."

"He has actually said to me: 'It's imperative you understand, mum, I would never under normal circumstances do anything like this. You know that don't you?' and I said 'yes of course I do'.

"I know something went very wrong with his mind at that time."

Ms Sandford said that her son had a number of mental health conditions - including autism, severe OCD, anxiety, depression and previously anorexia - and had previously tried to take his own life twice.

A crowdfunding campaign, launched by Ms Sandford to help pay for her son's legal fees and bring him home, has so far raising more than £32,000.