Orlando gunman's mosque burned down in 'arson' attack

A mosque formerly attended by the gunman in the deadly Orlando nightclub shooting has burned down in an apparent arson attack.

Omar Mateen opened fire at Pulse nightclub on 12 June, killing 49 people and leaving 53 wounded - the worst mass shooting in modern US history.

Police reported that the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce, where Mateen attended, was gutted by fire in the early hours on Monday.

But officers said it was too early to tell if the fire was accidental or intentionally set.

Omar Mateen was on a terror watchlist Credit: Reuters

Mateen had previously been on a terror watch-list in the USA but still managed to buy firearms legally, which he used during the attack.

A statement from the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office read: “A fire at any place of worship is alarming, regardless of the circumstances".

“Video captured at the Fort Pierce Islamic Center shows an individual approached the east side of the building just moments before a flash is seen and the fire starts".

The statement added that the incident was being "actively investigated" as a matter of arson