Cleared DJ Neil Fox 'gobsmacked' by historic sex offence charges

Radio DJ Neil Fox has spoken out on TV for the first time about the experience of being accused of - and then cleared of - historic sexual offences.

Speaking to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on ITV This Morning, he said that he was "gobsmacked" when he heard the details of the charges against him and that his life was thrown into "limbo" by the investigation.

"The process is very scary and very intimidating. Your life is just in limbo, that's what's hard about it," he told the presenters.

"Trying to keep the normality of your kids going to school every day and coming back and doing their homework - thank God for them, because they keep you level."

Fox's wife Vicky added that as she sat in the garden and police "rummaged" through the house, she felt she had been "attacked", and that she instinctively felt she needed to protect her family

"It was rather ridiculous and the things they took from the house - Valentine’s card, children's iPads - it wasn’t serious big evidence.

"I don't think they found anything in my house that they used in court," she said.

Dr Neil Fox and his wife Vicky. Credit: ITV This Morning

Fox was asked whether he would want to change anything about the process in the future, and he said that the lack of anonymity was difficult to deal with.

"Partly the [lack of] anonymity is hard, with social media where everyone wants a say," he said, "if you get arrested like me or anyone else who is in the public eye, and you wonder how to control it and contain it."

He added: "But if you can try and preserve the anonymity to start with then I think the idea of being innocent until proven guilty will be a lot easier.

"Sadly you do feel when you’re in the eye of the storm, that you feel guilty until you can prove your innocence."

Hinting at a potential book in the future, Fox admitted: "I've been trying to start a book for ages… Vicky's been good at keeping notes throughout all this.

"This is a bit of my life, it's not my entire life, it's a portion that finished last December, and we moved forward as a family.

"I want to come out of it better if I can. I'm certainly not going to be a bitter person."