Britons 'on-board deadly tourist ferry explosion' in Bali

British tourists have reportedly been caught up in an explosion on a ferry carrying tourists between Bali and Lombok which killed at two people and injured several others.

Thirty-five people were on board the ferry when the explosion occurred off the coast of Indonesian island Lombok, according to a Bali police spokesperson.

The nationalities of the two deceased remain unclear, while at least 20 others are said to be injured.

Police quickly ruled out the explosion being caused by a bomb.

"We confirm there was no bomb on board," police chief Sugeng said.

"The explosion happened because of...a gas cylinder close to theengine".

Channel 7 reporter Matthew Snelson reported that the injured included British nationals and other Europeans.

ABC's Adam Harvey said that pictures showed one of the survivors was "very badly injured".

A Foreign Office spokesperson said: "We are providing consular assistance to British nationals affected by an explosion on a ferry off the coast of Bali".