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From your home to the Prime Minister's: Take a virtual tour of 10 Downing Street

A virtual tour lets users snoop around many of the rooms. Credit: Google Street View

Ever wondered what the inside of 10 Downing Street is like?

Until now you were not able to step across the threshold of the 332-year-old building as it is closed to the public, but now you can take a tour all from the comfort of a chair.

On shutting the famous black door behind them, this is the view that greets visitors. Credit: Google Street View

Google Street view has opened up the interior of the official residence of all the Prime Ministers since 1735, although Theresa May has currently swapped with Chancellor Phillip Hammond who would normally reside at Number 11.

There are some famous faces on the walls. Credit: Google Street View

Virtual tourists can now navigate some of the most famous rooms and hallways inside, including the Cabinet room, the Thatcher Room – used as the late prime minister’s main office, as well as the rose garden, where David Cameron and Nick Clegg announced their coalition government.

Chandeliers are popular inside the building. Credit: Google Street View

Gone are the days when you needed a special invitation to the headquarters of the Government, you can take a look around here.

The hallway leading down to the front door. Credit: Google Street View