Paralympic dreams: The boy who lost a leg when he was hit by a train

A Brazilian boy who wanted to be a professional footballer has spoken of his new ambition of becoming a Paralympic swimmer after he lost a leg when he was hit by a train.

Five months ago, in search of adventure, David Santos jumped between two moving trains and as he fell, the wheels sliced straight through his left leg.

Speaking to ITV News, he said: "I thought I was going to die. I screamed a lot thinking about death, and asked God for strength to help me have another opportunity.

"And he gave me the chance to get over it all, and to be alive once more."

David only survived because there happened to be a trauma hospital nearby, where he remained for one and a half months.

He has no family or place to live. But the charity Street Child United gave the 15-year-old the chance to adjust and watch the Paralympics in Rio.

"So many Paralympians are inspiring, I found it amazing to watch people with only one leg jumping, running and cycling, and to see what they can do," he said.

In Rio, he spent the day with some of ParalympicsGB's team and it was they who ended up inspired.

"I was really surprised," said footballer Michael Barker. "I've played with amputees before, I always admire them - it's a bit hard when they hit you in the leg with crutches but (how far he's come is) unbelievable."